Ask and You Will Receive… Part 4

You know, I had only planned to write three articles on this particular topic, but I want to clarify just one other thought tonight… if only for myself.

Earlier this evening, I was thinking about a few interactions I’ve had over the past two days and the role that “asking” played in each. In fact, in each of these conversations I got EXACTLY what I wanted…

An answer.

Sometimes that answer was, “yes”.
Sometimes that answer was, “no”.

Now I understand that some people are only interested in one type of answer… the one they want 🙂

But that tends to wipe out most of the reason for asking in the first place.


Now this is not to say we don’t ask for what we want… to be sure, that is a PRIME REASON for asking.

In fact, if we don’t ask for what we want… there is often little chance we will receive it. Most people are simply not that great at mind-reading to know what we’re thinking. And those little tell-all seeds from Gilligan’s Island are in short supply!

Don’t remember? Check out the video below:

You know, I’ve been searching for those seeds since 1966. Ah well. 🙂

Anyway, ask, and you will receive… an answer.

Some examples, you ask?
I KNEW that’s what you were thinking!


The time was 9:20pm on Wednesday evening and I was about to go live with some exciting developments on a nationwide conference call with a number of key players on our team.

And then I had a thought.

I texted the CEO of one of the most respected nutritional research and development companies in America and asked if he were available to speak to the group.

Seven minute notice…
Seriously talented and passionate executive…
Unbelievable demands on his time…
He rocked the call.

Ask a question… get an answer.


Another, you say?

I picked up the phone and called a friend to whom I had recently given some product samples. Might as well have been liquid gold… quite possibly the best nutrition he’s had in 50 years. And I knew he felt great.

His mother, however, is struggling… BIG-TIME health challenges.

I asked my friend if there were any reason we couldn’t get some of these tremendous products to his mom… today.

Three minute phone call…
Out of the clear blue…
Can we or can’t we…
He gave me his credit card info.

Ask a question… get an answer.


One for the road.

I ran into a gentleman yesterday that I suppose I’ve run into 30 or so times over the past five years… we’ll call him Bob.

Now Bob isn’t his real name… but this is a bit personal and I want to respect his privacy. At the same time I don’t want to continuously refer to him as “this guy” or something along those lines, so… Bob it is.

So here’s the deal with Bob… he’s likely dying.

I asked if he were concerned about any aspect of his health. I’m not prying, just asking because I care. I’ve seen the results of these products, so I ask.

He thanks me and then looks at his stomach and says he needs to lose weight. So I ask how it’s going, and he says not so well. So I ask if he’s open to looking at an all-natural product that could likely whack his cravings and balance his metabolism.

150-180 pounds overweight and on a few prescriptions…
High cholesterol and high blood pressure…
Low kidney and liver function… dead sex life.
He said no.

Fair enough.
Ask a question… get an answer.

I look forward to hearing what questions you’re asking.