Beat The Rush…


Okay, so here’s the question of the day…

We’re about half-way through August… what percentage of the population is now formulating goals and plans for 2010?

Answer… the same percentage of the population that will nail the goals they set.

Yeah… I know.

Football season is still four weeks away…. but that’s how it works.

You see, studies show that the average American will set their New Year’s resolutions during the week after Christmas.

Typically, these fall into one of five areas:

1) Losing weight
2) Quitting a bad habit
3) Improving their finances
4) Improving their relationships
5) Engaging in a form of personal or spiritual growth.

Studies also show that, for most people, such goals are pretty easy to set… they’re the same ones they missed last year.



Let’s agree to change that for 2010… and every year thereafter.

It CAN be done… however, it’s likely we need to start now. For example… as a family, we are planning to set goals for 2010 in the following areas:

1) Spiritual – alright, so I know I may lose some of you on this one, but… it is, what it is. The most successful people I know are focused on issues much bigger than themselves… and on purposes that transcend their time here on earth. Period.

2) Family – experiences that reinforce our values, advance our vision, create memories, and positively impact our future.

3) Health – activities that promote our mental, emotional, and physical well-being
and vitality.

4) Personal growth – targeted improvement of skills and abilities.

5) Social – actions that improve relationships with friends, and the community.

6) Financial – continued creation of multiple income streams that will support important causes, missions, and charities.

7) Business – issues of sustainability, reputation, and value.

Now, I tend to get pretty manic sometimes… but there’s no way that all that is going to get sorted out during the last week of December… guaranteed.


So, here’s a suggestion.

Take the next six weeks or so and figure out just what is important to you and your loved ones. You may use my categories, or… your goals may be completely different.

Next, ween your list down to just those things that MUST happen in 2010. In other words, your “A List”.

Finally, spend the ENTIRE fourth quarter eliminating every obstacle, rearranging schedules, and putting together the resources and plans to absolutely nail the missions and objectives that define your life.

Simple steps… and a little preparation… to allow you to hit the ground running in January… and make 2010 a year of impact and influence in your home, your business… and in the lives of others.

Happy New Year.



What goals did you have coming into this year that you totally nailed?

Are there any goals that you missed, or on which you have seriously fallen behind?

What are some of the differentiators between those you’ll hit… and those you won’t?


Photo Credit:

LeSmou Imperator