Leading From The Street…? Part I


Yesterday afternoon, I received a message from Laurie Zieber, a friend who leads an important and powerful women’s ministry in the great State of Texas.

Her question was, “Do you believe that while a person is homeless, jobless, living on the streets; he/she is also capable of being an effective and positive leader?”

An easy enough question… requiring a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

And yet, throughout dinner last evening, and during the two meetings that followed… I found myself thinking about her question.

In fact, soon I was asking additional questions of myself.

For instance, what ARE all the factors that would lead someone to live on the street? And what developments, ideals, or difficulties could lead a leader there? Furthermore, why would they elect to stay in that position?

Is there substance abuse involved… or maybe depression or mental illness? And just WHO or WHAT CAUSE are they attempting to lead from that platform?

My thoughts tomorrow… I’d love to hear yours.


Photo Credit:

Alex E. Proimos