Commitment And Strength…


As we discussed recently, when it comes to goals that are truly WORTHY of our time, energy, and expense… most WILL involve personal growth or some serious testing of our metal.

They are also usually TOO BIG to be accomplished on our own. We must build a team, and attract others to the VISION… one powerful link at a time.

In most cases, this means… no, scratch the first part… This means that true missions, if they’re BIG enough to make a real impact, are not going to be accomplished overnight.

So the question then becomes… is the vision clear enough… and is the mission important enough… to hold our commitment, focus, and activity at the levels they need to be… for however long it takes to succeed?


For consideration:

What goals are you working on in which you are measurably moving the dial EVERY day?

Are they written down? Are they a part of your day… or… are they a part of your being?

What is the best case scenario if you achieve them fully? What is the worst case if you don’t move forward? How wide is the gap?


I look forward to speaking with you.


Photo Credit:

Ella’s Dad