Great Time To Be Alive!


So, as part of a decision I made two weeks ago to improve upon my generally good health and physical fitness… I have been out walking each of the last few days.

NOT running… NOT jogging. Walking… period.

And, as you might imagine… when stepping out in the neighborhood after dark, you notice that there are a lot of people who AREN’T out walking.

No… they’re mostly gathered around a pale blue flickering light in their living rooms!

So it was that last night as I approached a “T” in the road, I couldn’t help but observe an elderly woman sitting right in front of a large picture window. The drapes were wide open… and yes, the faint blue light was there also.

But here’s the really cool thing.

As I got closer, two things became very clear. First, this woman was MUCH older than I first realized, and second… this light she was staring at was from a LAPTOP… not a television.

Somehow… I just felt really good about that.


I guess it’s the same way I feel when I hear that my sister’s going back to school after thirty-two years… this time ONLINE.

It’s the sense of pride I get when I catch my dad… now in his eighties… working at his desk and editing his own website. It’s finding my mom playing with her mp3 or digital camera. And it’s hearing from a family friend, who at seventy-seven just can’t wait to show me his new iPhone.

It’s just a great time to be alive right now… and technology continues to make learning, growing, and living EASIER.

It makes small business BIGGER… fulfillment QUICKER… and marketing much more PROFITABLE.

Yes, it is a GREAT TIME to be ALIVE… to be HEALTHY and FREE. It makes you want to live forever. But I think I must go now… I’m late for my walk!



How is technology positively impacting your personal life? Your professional life?

What are you most frustrated about when it comes to technology?

Have you ever wished out loud for a solution to that challenge?

Have you considered that YOU are… or could provide… that solution?


I look forward to speaking with you.


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