Leadership Affects Everything… Part III


Another story or two to make the point.

It never ceases to amaze me how often the timing of events just seems to line up perfectly.
I don’t question it… I don’t try to figure it out.

I’m simply amazed by it.

A week ago, I was relaxing by a pool 40 miles north of Miami… a far cry from the 33 degree low temps that we are expecting in Green Bay this week!

Thank goodness for global warming, or I’d really think it was cold for September… but alas, I digress.

Anyway, back to the story… and the issue of timing.

Within 90 minutes by that pool, I had two phone conversations that really summed up the big picture of leadership… that leadership really does affect everything.


The first call was from someone who until recently was quite successful in his position at work, even though he was struggling in his marriage.

Struggling big time.

Suddenly, however, his personal situation had spilled over into his professional life, and began to seriously affect his performance in leading others.

That’s not unusual… many business challenges are really family challenges in disguise.

And vice versa.

Eventually, a lack of leadership in business always finds its way into a home… and a lack of leadership in a relationship will manifest at work.

I’ve never seen a small business that was not affected by the divorce of its leader, nor have I seen a marriage that was not affected by the bankruptcy of a business.


The second call was interesting because a young man had connected to discuss the challenges he was having at home… and yes, BTW, I did talk with him about sharing this story!

While we were on the phone, his wife called on the other line… there’s that timing thing again.

Thinking he had put me on hold (he hadn’t), he exclaimed… presumably speaking to his wife… “WHAT NOW…?!! I’M ON THE OTHER LINE@!! I’LL CALL YOU BACK#!!”

When I answered, he was embarrassed and apologetic and asked what he could do to make things right.

That was the easiest question I’ve gotten since Spring.

I told him, “Just start treating your wife… with the same respect you treat me, and I think your relationship might have a chance. And maybe consider some professional help.”

He called today to let me know they were seeking out some marriage counseling.

Good move. Very good move.



What are examples of issues in one area of your life… impeding on another?

What is your plan to avoid that in the future?

Is there anyone… friends, neighbors, boss, pastor, coworkers, clients or acquaintances… that you treat better than you do your spouse or children?

Do your children share the same opinion of your reliability, temperament, kindness, and judgment as do your best clients?


I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Photo Credit:

D Sharon Pruitt

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