Retirement’s Overrated… Part I


I received a call from an old friend recently who wondered at the very last minute if our family could join his for the weekend in Chicago. 

We hadn’t spoken in quite some time… and the last three or four conversations revolved around new events and happenings in his life, not mine.

I probably brought that on, of course, by asking a lot of questions… and then doing my best to not interrupt or one-up.

The timing on his call wasn’t good… well, actually the timing was fine… just not for a weekend away. The following Monday, you see, I was beginning an incredibly cool new project that had been months in the works, and I tend to be positively manic about my work most of the time. I practically had the next three days planned down to six or ten minute increments… and Illinois wasn’t in the cards.

“I thought you were retired..!” he prodded… “You can do whatever you want!”

Now, this is a funny notion… considering that I’m still in my forties. It’s even funnier considering that I don’t really believe in retirement, especially for me! So, that leads me to ask even more questions, like:

1) Where do people get such ideas, and
2) Why are so many people freaking out about retirement?

After all, from my vantage point… retirement seems to be seriously overrated. I’ll unpack this statement further tomorrow, and in the meantime, I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Who are the most vibrant, energetic, engaged, and influential people you know? How do they spend their time? Are they retired?

Nuf said.


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