Social Media and Snake Oil… Part I


Ahh… Marketing Claims.

I was driving up from Chicago the other day and, as I often do, spent a few minutes in between phone calls scanning the AM Talk Radio Stations listening for anything political.

Suddenly, this catches my attention… as does anything to do with New Media…

“Coming up next on ‘Expert In The House’ we have Robert W. Glockenspiel of Good Stuff Marketing to talk with us about the importance of New Media and Social Networking.”

Now, of course… I must make the following disclaimer.

“The story you are about to hear is true… the names, including that of Robert and his company, have been changed to protect them from embarrassment.”

Now, this was one of those commercials that is really nothing more than a paid advertisement, but it is set up to try and fool everyone into thinking it’s an actual interview on a business radio program.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think they’re fooling very many… but alas, I digress.

So the radio announcer, playing the part of Mr. Interviewer says something along the lines of, “So Robert… this Facebook and Twitter stuff is really important to a business nowadays, eh…?” (A little Wisconsin lingo for you there).

To which Robert responds, “Oh, you better believe it is… Facebook and Twitter are HUGE parts of our business! In fact, I can safely say that we were really the first agency in the state to recognize their role in Marketing… and we’ve been preaching that message now since the late 90’s!”


Now… just in case you’re wondering, that would truly be the definition of an “early adopter”, given that Facebook was not available to the general public until September of 2006, and Twitter… while having spun off from it’s sister in 2006… didn’t make a splash with the public until it dominated the SXSW Festival in March of 2007.

Anyway… I am always looking to learn, so I recorded Robert’s info on my mp3 and checked his accounts when I got home.

His company Facebook page had 4 Fans; his Twitter account 17 Followers… 3 of whom were bikini clad women offering content that was, well… Not Safe For Work.

C’est la vie…


I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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3 thoughts on “Social Media and Snake Oil… Part I

  1. I’ll bet ole Robert didn’t know that for the price it probably cost him to produce that same commercial and advertising time he could have hired a social media consultant to optimize his online accounts and start to drive business and traffic to his web site. Er… that’s if he even had one.

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