Social Media and Snake Oil… Part II


One of the great things about New Media is that anyone, anywhere, can suddenly go into business and brand themselves however they want.

Of course, one of the watch-outs with New Media is that anyone, anywhere, can suddenly go into business and brand themselves however they want!

Now, you already know that I’m all for people working for themselves… I’ve been beating that drum for a very long time. And you also know that when it comes to New Media, I’m certainly all for the price!

To be sure, with a cost-basis fast approaching zero, New Media should be high on everyone’s list.

And without doubt, new technology always spawns new opportunity.

For example, if you spend much time at all with Social Networks, and assuming you have a few thousand friends or followers between them… you already know that this technology has given rise to an entirely new entrepreneurial class.

I am speaking, of course… of the Guru.

A month or so ago, a businesswoman who lives between Puerto Rico and Miami sent me a message on Twitter, commenting on all the self-proclaimed “Gurus” on the Web.

How do you know who to believe?


I told her that it may be just me, but I don’t trust anyone who has the word “Guru” printed anywhere on their business card… or tattooed anywhere on their body! Though in retrospect, some of the new ink does look pretty cool… but alas, I digress!


In any event, I just swung through my Facebook Group requests and Twitter DM’s and am happy to report that there are scores of these Gurus ready to drop everything to help me get it all together.

With just a few clicks, I could take advantage of offers to help me create income streams of hundreds of dollars in just minutes, thousands of dollars per day… even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next month!

All from Wealth Gurus who are ready to help me unlock ancient secrets.

I also have Health Gurus who will teach me the path to live darn-near forever, Love Gurus who will teach me how to… well, let’s just leave that alone for the moment, and Workout Gurus who are ready to unveil the six-pack abs that have been hidden away for years, and are now just ready to burst forth!

Yeah… I suppose we can always get better abs 🙂 I gotta go!


PS: Caveat Emptor


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