Time Flies… Part 3


Yeah, check it out… another week has flown by!

As in, I cannot believe it’s been seven days since my last article. Oh, shoot… it’s actually been eight.

C’est la vie.

So last week, I was trying to sort out this whole “Time Flies” thing when I ran into a couple of, well… old guys.

And suddenly, I had my answer!

No, it wasn’t because they possessed wisdom from all the experience they had gained from their many years. In fact, on the contrary, it was because they had grown old and weary (without the wisdom) long before their time!

Yes, these old men were younger than me… and no, time was not flying for them.


“Same old… same old.”
“Same stuff… different day.”

Same… same… same.

These were the responses I received when I asked what was going on… what was new… what was exciting!! Unfortunately, their answers were eerily similar to the responses that I got from some of the really old guys at my last class reunion… but I digress.

So, I’m thinking it was George Washington or Ben Franklin or Thomas Edison or one of those really smart guys that figured out that time flies… when you’re having fun!

Yes, when you’re engaged… creating great art or building a Country or doing good works… you know, something interesting or important or… yeah, just plain fun!

It’s why vacations or childhood summers or honeymoons fly by! It’s why life for some seems like a whirlwind and for others resembles trudging through quicksand. And it is why time is flying by tonight!

We’re in the process of building the foundations of several new ventures right now. And I do mean right now… as in, I had to stop doing that in order to sit down and write this!

At midnight.

So, until I can give the details… please know my hope for you is that you are getting younger… and that there’s just not enough time in your day!!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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