Time To Move On…?

Leadership Marketing

“So, how do you know when it’s time to move on in your career?”

In one form or another, it’s a question I get asked fairly often… in fact, the topic came up several times in the last few days.

Then again, I suppose it’s not surprising given that, in survey after survey, over half the population says they’d do something else… if, their financial future was assured through other means.

And people are really wrestling with this.

“I’m thinking about looking for a new job, what do you think?” asked one. “I’m worried about the economy, but I’ve always wanted to work for myself and I’m not getting any younger,” said another.

Or, earlier today on e-mail, “I can’t explain it. I’ve been the top-producer for six years, but for the first time… I just don’t even want to get on that plane next week.”

Now, admittedly… I have only worked for someone else for a GRAND TOTAL of FIFTEEN MONTHS in the last TWENTY-FOUR YEARS. However, with companies that I have owned, I HAVE had to decide when it was time to hang up one vision… to pursue another.

So how do you know?


Well… in searching for my own answers, I found that I needed to be completely honest about three questions.

First, had I taken the business as far as I COULD take it? This really meshes the issues of ability and capacity.

Second, had I taken the business as far as I was WILLING to take it? Obviously, this gets to the heart of important Values issues.

And third, was the benefit of sticking with the status quo outweighed by the cost (lost opportunities) of not changing? Put another way… is there something else I could (and should) be doing?

Pretty simple stuff, really… and practical too!

But what if you don’t work for yourself… what if you’re an employee… and what did I recommend to my friends and associates who brought it up to me this week?

I assume you won’t be shocked if I tell you that I asked three questions!

First, do you believe that your company’s solution is the BEST option for your customers and prospects?

And second, do you believe in the integrity, character, and competence of your company’s leadership team?

Quite simply, if you cannot answer “Yes” to both of those questions… it is time to move on. Life is too short to promote products you don’t believe in… or people you don’t trust.


“Now wait, Steve… you said there were THREE questions.” And, of course you are correct.

The third question sheds light on where you may want to consider going next, if indeed… you answered “No” to either of the first two questions.

Ask yourself whether you believe you can make a bigger impact on your own.

In other words, can you move the dial… can you innovate… can you improve this (or another) market by bringing your talent, energy, and passion to the game as the leader of your own team?

If so, it is likely that there are people who have been waiting to meet you… possibly praying to meet you… they just didn’t know who you were!

We all need to search for our own answers… I’d love to hear yours!


Photo Credit:

James Thompson