What Happens In Vegas…


Overlooking the Las Vegas Strip from my porch on the ninth floor, I am reflecting on the events of the last several days.

I know that there are a lot of reasons why some people love this city… the signs are everywhere. “What happens in Vegas…”, well… you know.

But that’s NOT what I like about this town!

In fact, after the incredible time we’ve invested here, I plan to bring everything back with me and apply it at once… in my practice, for my clients, and in the start-up ventures in which I am currently involved.

To be sure, if there is one thing I can guarantee… it’s that what happened on this trip definitely won’t be staying here!!

You see, we just arrived back after a fourteen hour day where a group of some of the top Internet Marketers in the country have gathered to discuss what’s working, and well… what’s working even better!

And it’s no surprise to any of you that what is REALLY working IS NOT Traditional Media! The three year trends that were the focus of most of our conversation are staggering… and time and technology have coalesced to make NEW MEDIA’s impact even more powerful going forward!

Yes, the Internet has changed everything… and much of it for the better.


Another thing I’m liking right now about the Internet and Las Vegas is the fact that we’re staying in a good sized suite at a Four Star property, and it set me back a whopping $23 per night!

Now, I understand that there are scores of High Rollers downstairs who helped pay for my room… and for that I thank them!

In fact, if you have ever spent a few days gambling in Las Vegas, I guess I should thank you too… because this room is REALLY nice!!

However, it’s not just the City’s Economic Model at work here… because there were tons of other properties in which we could have stayed and spent a small fortune. The tool… the resource… the great leveler… is the Web.

In just minutes last week, I was able to find the exact fit… the right amenities for my family… the proximity to our meetings… and a price point that went down as smooth as the Grande Americano that now rests temptingly in front of me.

I guess the ads are right after all… “What’s happening (for us) in Vegas, (really) should be happening to you!”

I look forward to speaking with you soon!!


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