Objections… What Objections? Part 3


Of all the questions I get asked about the stuff of sales, I suppose none are more common than questions about “handling” objections.

My answer is always the same – “Why do you think you have so many people objecting to your ideas or solutions?”

And typically when I ask that, the answers reveal one of three circumstances:

1) The “objections” were not really objections at all, but mere questions
2) The ideas or solutions presented were not well organized or understood, or
3) The potential buyer or listener was the wrong person – without authority or interest… or both.


Suddenly, this process becomes pretty simple.

In a conversation, there should be plenty of questions… on both sides. Questions are how we learn, how we clarify, and how we get to know each other and find common ground.

And as we answer those questions, it helps if we can communicate with brevity and clarity. If not, we can expect to get a lot more questions.

(I must admit that I’m still working on the brevity part, but alas… I digress.)

That said, questions are often mistaken as objections when they are not at all. Often, the question is just… a question. And a darn good one at that!

This leaves just category number three… you know, all those fine folks that are full of OBJECTIONS!! Remember our definition from yesterday’s article – an objection is:

1) a reason or argument presented in opposition, or
2) a feeling or expression of disapproval

With that in mind, the real issue becomes why are so many people bent on presenting their ideas and solutions to others who are opposed to, and disapproving of, the ideas in the first place?

Bingo… solve that issue, and solve 99% of the objection dilemma. On second thought, that might be a little off… it will likely solve 99.8%, and you can handle the other .2%… if that’s what you decide you want to do!

As for me?

Naw… I’ll just continue to speak with those who express a clear need, want or desire for what I’m offering!

Life’s short – play smart. I look forward to hearing from you soon!!


Photo Credit:

Katy Bate