On A Mission From God… :)


A friend and I were visiting over coffee a few weeks ago in a terrific health-focused restaurant that she had recently purchased.

And yes, I actually DO believe that coffee can qualify as health-food, but alas… I digress 🙂

I listened intently as Sue spoke,

of her Vision…
of her Passion…
and of her Ministry.


Yes, she’s on a Mission from God… and, I believe… so are you.


Ministry, like all forms of leadership, entails a delicate balance of servanthood, judgment and influence.

It is ART mixed with FAITH… a powerful combination that has the power to impact every person with whom we come into contact, and certainly those with whom we really connect.

When we lead by example, our lives and our work become living testimonies to the principles that we hold most dear… to the beliefs and values that guide our decisions, our priorities, our convictions and our relationships with others.

And in that process, we may suddenly find that we’ve become a source of strength, motivation, and encouragement to others at the very moment that they really needed…

…a minister.

Tag… your it 🙂


I look forward to hearing from you.

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