Do You Know Your ABC’s…? Part I

A is for Apple

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the great ability that we have as small business owners and marketers to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

This is true for both product and service businesses.

If we are involved in the manufacture or distribution of a physical product, then according to conventional wisdom, the product’s quality and functionality should speak for itself… right?

Well, only to a point… and then there needs to be more. Much more.

How we lead, and how we do business… from our organizational and strategic planning, to the systems we use to hire, train, and retain staff, to our marketing and leadership development strategies… all these and many more may become competitive advantages, influencing whether our business is one that people actually like to do business with.

Our return or service policies, the maintenence of our property, the attitudes of our employees, even the promptness with which we invoice or pay our bills…; all add or subtract from our reputation… and the total experience that our customers will come to expect and enjoy (or not).

And of course, if we are in the business of providing a service, the only product quality issues reside with us… and the experience becomes a large part of whatever results and benefits the customer receives.


So, if we agree that there are many experiential points on which we can differentiate our business, the focus can then turn to the people who are providing that experience…, ourselves and our staff.

Regardless of the position within the company, everyone must understand how their activities relate and add to the overall marketing efforts of the organization.

Yup, you’ve heard it a thousand and one times before… right down to the janitor (which for at least some period of time in each of our businesses was myself or a family member).

And if we are going to expect each person to take initiative, responsibility, and control over their area… if we would trust them to think like marketing professionals… then average players just won’t do.

Because you see, average players don’t do those things.


Years ago we all learned our ABC’s.

Tomorrow we will learn how a few simple letters, combined with an unwavering commitment to excellence, will transform your team over the next twelve months into a marketing machine that your competition can only dream about.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Small but important things, done consistently over time, lead to exceptional results, and great reputations.

You can duplicate your marketing activities exponentially, if you have the right players on your team.


Photo Credit:

Joost Assink